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Portable Fish Finder

  • Modle:FF1108-1


    1) Display: TN/ANTI-UV LCD    
    2) Display size: 40Wx39H    
    3) Small round transducer with 7.5m cable,45-degree beam angle    
    4) Removable float    
    5) Back lighting: Green LED backlight    
    6) 4xAAA batteries, battery save mode, battery strength indicator    
    7) High/Low sensitivity setting    
    8) Depth Range Max/Min: 328Feet(100meters)/2Feet(0.7meters)    
    9) Operational Temperature: -4F to 158F(-20C-70C)    
    10) Fish depth scale, audible fish alarm    
    11) User selectable meter or feet readings    
    12) Waterproof design: level-4 (spray-water-proof)    
    13) Able to shoot through boat hull and clear ice    
    14) Bottom show:Show the bottom grass or rock    
    15) Can resist the interference from the grass when use in lake  "

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