Wireless Fish FInder

  • Modle:FFW718


    ) Depth Range Max/Min: 120ft(40m) / 2ft(0.7m)
    2) Wireless sensor: 90-degree beam angle
    3) Display: Big Adjustable High-contrast Dot matrix FSTN LCD 128Vx64H
    4) Display size: 41Wx48H
    5) Back lighting: On/off White LED
    6) 125KHz sonar frequency
    7) Temperature unit: Celsius/Fahrenheit
    8) Wireless operational Range: 328ft(100m)
    9) Power Requirement: 4-AAA alkaline batteries
    10) Battery strength indicator
    11) Levels sensitivity setting
    12) Clear fish icon, fish alarm
    13) Bottom contour: Show true changing of water bottom contour
    14) User selectable meter or feet readings
    15) Water Temperature Indicator
    16) Waterproof design: Level-4 (spray-water-proof)
    17) Memory: Built in memory stores sonar setting when the unit is turned off
    18) W-Sensor could shut down when it is out of the water
    19) W-Sensor battery life: Lasts for approximately 500hours of in-water use
    20) Operational Temperature: -4F to 158F(-10C-50C)"

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